12 June 2018 | Lille, France
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12 June 2018
Lille, France
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Hauts-de-France is among France's top 5 regions for information and communication technologies!

Learn more on what the Hauts-de-France region offers in relation to digital economy :


  • A pioneer in mail order, retail and e-commerce, Northern France offers a winning mix of dynamic SMEs, young start-ups, multinational corporations, and thriving business incubators and accelerators
  • Over 70 mass-market retailers, including major names such as Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin and Castorama… - 200 mail-order businesses  - 160 e-businesses, 44,000 jobs


  • Ranked third for multimedia in France
  • Expertise in video games, animation, digital design and mobile apps.
  • France’s No. 1 cluster for digital arts training
  • 200 businesses and professional associations, 3,000 image and media professionals, 30 specialised schools and training organsations,  3000 students , 20 research organisations


  • With our dedicated ICT sites and IoT cluster, we’re home to a host of international.
  • 1,288 ICT businesses, over 25,000 jobs , nearly 2,500,000 Internet users across the region.
  • Fields of expertise : Identification and tracking, Mobility,  Geolocation, Security


  • Today Lille is Europe’s cyberdefense capital, home to key industry players and hosting events like the FIC International Cybersecurity Forum.
  • 73 specialised businesses, 22 dedicated training programs, 5 research laboratories working on cybersecurity issues, 6,500 jobs in computer security


  • A pioneer region of the Third Industrial Revolution/Rev3, where urban development visions are integrating communication technology solutions while respecting the environment.


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Lille, France

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